Buy sell Sarsilmaz SAR9 online in 2022


From there, the pistol gets fairly familiar to the SAR9. If you want the full lowdown on the original, Richard Mann did an extensive review on the SAR9. But in thumbnail, like the SAR9,  SAR9 X Platinum is a polymer-framed striker-fired pistol with a fairly low bore axis, which makes it a relatively manageable and quick shooter. It also has a manual thumb safety, which will draw cheers or jeers depending on who you are. And the Platinum comes in at a fairly manageable 27.5 ounces and sports a 4.5-inch barrel. It comes with one 17- and one 19-round magazine or two 10-round magazines in capacity restricted states.

SAR9 X Platinum Specs:
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 15+1 / 17+1
Barrel Length: 4.4″
Overall Length: 7.6″
Overall Heigth: 5.5″
Overall Width: 1.4″
Weight: 27.5 oz.